b. 1984
Lives and Works in Geneva, and London
MA Fine Art - Merit, Chelsea College of Art and Design, London - 2013

Gabriel Mulvey explores identity and the place and role it holds in our lives and environment. Personal experience - lived events, the moods and states of emotional life - act as main triggers of representation. His paintings, sculpture, installations, collages and videos are created into “families” of works which, through shared visual syntax, compare, contrast and mutually enhance. What are they and how do they belong together? Like individuals seeking identity, his works attempt to answer these questions by asserting difference. Story-telling is more often than not an accompanying feature of his works, where playful and earnest by turns, Gabriel touches upon issues generational, sexual, cultural, existential, professional and political… The production process leaves as much room for the unexpected and for risk as for reference to art history and stereotypes.